Cell Incubation

CoolRack® tube modules and CoolSink® thermo-conductive plate modules may be used for a variety of warming or incubating applications.  





THE PROBLEM: Warming tubes and plates in a waterbath without exposing them to contamination risk

Sample tubes of all sizes (microtubes, cryogenic vials, larger 15 mL or 50 mL tubes), as well as plated samples, are at high risk of contamination when floating precariously in a water bath.  Standard racks help, but tubes and labels get wet, illegible or fall off completely, and the tubes are still exposed to high risk of contamination.

THE SOLUTION: ThermalTray™ platforms with CoolRack tube modules and CoolSink plate modules

To keep samples warm in a waterbath and minimize the risk of contamination, place a high profile ThermalTray HP in the waterbath, fill the bath to just below the ThermalTray surface, and place a CoolRack or CoolSink module on top. The thermo-conductive properties of the ThermalTray and sample modules ensure uniform heat distribution to the whole set-up.  The tube and plate samples will be above the water line (and well away from the contamination risk) while still at the desired temperature.*

*  It may be necessary to offset the temperature of the waterbath by approximately one or two degrees to ensure desired temperature in tube and plate samples.

Reducing risk of contamination from water baths

CoolRack and CoolSink modules on a ThermalTray platform.