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BioT ULT Transporter

The pharmaceutical cold chain is designed to standardize the transport and storage of biospecimens and products within the optimal temperature range. Most regulatory agencies support guidelines for achieving optimal temperatures during clinical studies and manufacturing, but despite widespread recognition that stringent temperature controls are necessary, on-site handling methods for cell-based materials are poorly regulated and often put under the care of a contract company or subjected to solutions that provide inadequate temperature stability.

BioCision CryoPod™ Carrier is a breakthrough temperature management products that address the "last mile" of material handling and fill gaps in the internal cold chain - namely the gap between the manufacture and storage of a biological product, and the gap between storage and packaging.

CryoPod™ Carrier is designed to address unmet needs in cryogenic sample transport and handling around the laboratory, campus or metro area.  CryoPod Carrier provides safe, reliable and portable < -150˚C cryogenic transport for biospecimens for over 4 hours. The instrument displays temperature, date and time, and features audible and visual alarms as well as logging capability. The carrier integrates into an automated filling station, ensuring safer handling and replenishing the LN2 charge in less than 15 minutes. 


Even a cryostorage box can make a big difference


TruCool hinged cryostorage boxesCryostorage boxes often go unnoticed, but if carefully examined there are a number of insufficiencies in most boxes available today - lids are difficult to remove when frozen, lids are placed on surfaces that may introduce contamination when the lid is placed back on the base, lids may be placed on the wrong base.  

TruCool® hinged cryostorage boxes offer a patented hinged lid that is easy to open when removed from the freezer and never comes detached from the base. Water-proofed fiberboard exterior ensures longer use with repeated trips in and out of liquid nitrogen or freezer stores.  

The bright color selection enables segregating and quick retrieval from frozen stores. Available in 9x9 or 10x10 formats with a durable plastic adjustable grid.

TruCool hinged cryostorage boxes TruCool hinged cryostorage boxes TruCool hinged cryostorage boxes
9x9 format for 1 mL to 2 mL vials
with LN2 drain holes
10x10 format for 1 mL to 2 mL vials 9x9 format
for 3 mL to 5 mL vials

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