Choosing the right cryogenic vials

Cryogenic vial selection is a key element in successful cryopreservation and storage of valuable cells and biologicals TruCool® cryogenic vials are made of virgin polypropylene, come sterile packed and have a unique 1D barcode on each vial, which ensures organization and anonymity.

Caps include a thermally-fused elastomer gasket which replaces traditional o-rings and ensures a tight, leak-proof seal with minimized risk of leakage or liquid nitrogen aspiration.  Internal or external threaded screw caps are available for round-bottom or self-standing tubes.

cryogenic vial, cryovial cryogenic vial, cryovial
TruCool® barcoded cryogenic vials
with internal-thread caps
TruCool® barcoded cryogenic vials
with external-thread caps



Preparing cold cell suspensions in a biosafety cabinet

CoolBox XT cryogenic vial ice free coolingCryogenic vial preparation is performed under aseptic conditions in a biosafety cabinet. Cell suspensions are typically kept cold (0.5 to 4.0℃) and using ice is problematic for a number of reasons - ice cannot be used in a biosafety cabinet, high sample contamination risk, uneven cooling, disorganization. Cooling inside a hood requires the use of ice an ice-free cooling device. CoolBox™ XT systems offers a variety of ice-free options for keeping cell suspensions uniformly cold and stable inside a sterile hood environment.  Keep up to 48 cryogenic vials or a combination of vials and plates cold (0.5 to 4℃) for up to 16 hours. 

All components of the CoolBox XT system can be sanitized with alcohol and the thermo-conductive CoolRack® cryogenic vial holders and CoolSink® plate holders are autoclavable.  The thermo-conductive properties ensure uniform temperature distribution to all vials and plate wells during handling without the use of ice, batteries or electricity.

CoolBox XT cryogenic vial ice free cooling XT Starter, ice free cooling
CoolBox™ XT
16-hour ice-free cryogenic vial cooling system

XT Starter
4-hour ice-free cooling base
(shown with CoolCell SV2 cell freezing container)

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