May 11, 2015

Brooks Automation and BioCision Win ISBER 2015 New Product of the Year Award for CryoPod Carrier

Hugh Douglas, Chief Operating Officer of BioCision
and Dusty Tenney, President of Brooks Life Science Systems
accept the 2015 New Product of the Year award.


CHELMSFORD, Mass., May 11, 2015 – The CryoPodTM Carrier, jointly developed by Brooks Automation, a global provider of automated sample storage systems for compound management and biorepositories, and BioCision, LLC, a leader in advanced biomaterial sample handling and standardization tools, has won the 2015 New Product of the Year award from the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER). The award was announced at ISBER’s annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

The CryoPod Carrier is a portable, liquid nitrogen (LN2)-based system for the safe, reliable, and protected transport of cryogenic biospecimens.

“The CryoPod Carrier was clearly the most innovative product among this year’s entries,” said Phil Baird, principal, Daingerfield Consulting, and leader of ISBER’s award committee. “To handle and transport frozen biospecimens, researchers and clinicians often must rely on improvised methods that can be hazardous for the operator and introduce temperature fluctuations that can be detrimental to sample integrity. The CryoPod Carrier fulfills this unmet need in biosample preservation and management. It has wide application throughout the biobanking and biomedical industries,” he said.

Other judges described the product as “intuitive, elegant, unique, game changing, and versatile.”  

“We’re honored to be recognized with ISBER’s prestigious award,” said Dusty Tenney, president of Brooks Life Science Systems. “The CryoPod Carrier solves the critical problem of maintaining the biospecimen cold chain of custody while transporting high-value samples for critical applications such as cellular therapeutics.”

"BioCision focuses on standardizing the handling and transport of valuable biological specimens and therapies," said Hugh Douglas, Chief Operating Officer of BioCision.  “It is very rewarding to be recognized for this important technology knowing that ultimately, it is future patients and science that will benefit from this new ability to ensure specimens, vaccines and other important therapeutics are properly handled and maintained.”

The result of a 12-month joint development project, the patent-pending CryoPod Carrier absorbs LN2 and enables more than four hours of less than -150C temperature stability for cryogenically frozen biospecimens, keeping them below glass transition (Tg) temperature where biological activity may cease. The instrument features integrated monitoring and data logging that displays temperature, date, and time, as well as audible and visual alarms.

The CryoPod Carrier is lightweight and permits easy one-hand carrying for transporting samples between labs and buildings or around metro areas. It integrates with an optional automatic filling station that can be placed on a laboratory bench or floor.  The filling station is a safer, single-button LN2 replenishing solution that is engineered to fully charge the CryoPod Carrier within 15 minutes without the need for direct LN2 handling by the operator.

About Brooks Automation

Brooks is a leading worldwide provider of automation, vacuum, and instrumentation solutions for multiple markets including semiconductor manufacturing, life sciences, and clean energy. Our technologies, engineering competencies, and global service capabilities provide customers speed to market, and ensure high uptime and rapid response, which equate to superior value in their mission-critical controlled environments. Since 1978, we have been a leading partner to the global semiconductor manufacturing market and through product development initiatives and strategic business acquisitions; we have expanded our reach to meet the needs of customers in the life sciences industry, analytical & research markets, and clean energy solutions. Brooks is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, with direct operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

About BioCision, LLC

BioCision is a life science research and development company that develops products and solutions for process standardization throughout the healthcare industry. The intuitive design and interconnectivity of BioCision products enables researchers, clinicians and manufacturers to protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive therapeutics, biological samples, and biomaterials.  By addressing temperature stability, BioCision strives to improve the success of therapeutic discovery and development and enable effective care delivery.

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BioCision is a life science research and development company that develops products and solutions for process standardization throughout the healthcare industry through the application of advanced thermal regulation principles and technologies. The intuitive design and interconnectivity of BioCision products enables researchers, clinicians and manufacturers to protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive therapeutics, biological samples, and biomaterials. By comprehensively addressing temperature stability, BioCision strives to improve the success of therapeutic discovery and development and enable effective care delivery.

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