July 13, 2009

BioCision Launches CoolCell for Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing

CoolCell Enables Easy Controlled Cell Freezing

MILL VALLEY, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- BioCision LLC, the CoolRack™ company, today announced the launch of CoolCell, a cooling device that achieves controlled cell freezing of biomedical samples at -1 degree Celsius per minute without the use of alcohol. CoolCell is the latest release in BioCision's new line of portable controlled-rate freezing products.

CoolCell's Solid State Core and insulated design precisely control heat removal during freezing to ensure repeatable, constant rate cooling down to cryogenic storage temperature. Unlike current cell freezing methods, CoolCell works without alcohol and retains a constant cooling rate, resulting in a reliable and consistent -1 degree Celsius per minute freeze rate every time. CoolCell can be used again minutes after a freeze cycle, eliminating hours of waiting time between cycles. CoolCell requires no maintenance and holds up to 12 cryotube samples.

"CoolCell gives researchers a superior alternative to high-maintenance conventional plastic modules that require alcohol. It achieves a very controlled freezing rate, and is cleaner, greener and easier to use," said Brian Schryver, vice president of research and development.

BioCision is a leading maker of portable benchtop workstations for temperature sensitive biomedical samples. Its highly thermo-conductive CoolRack™ enables easy sample cooling, snap freezing, heating and thawing. Along with CoolRacks, BioCision's portable benchtop coolers, portable benchtop freezers, and thermally conductive platforms bring portability and all-day temperature control to the benchtop, increasing reproducibility and accuracy in scientific experiments.

The CoolCell launch follows the introduction of CoolBox, a benchtop ice-free system that targets the growing market for portable sample cooling. Since BioCision's founding in 2007, the company has commercialized nearly 40 products now used by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract research organizations, and academic and healthcare institutions worldwide.


BioCision LLC, the CoolRack™ company, is a leading maker of portable benchtop workstations for temperature sensitive biomedical samples. Its patent-pending products enable researchers to maintain temperature consistency of biomedical samples from refrigerator to benchtop, lab to lab and experiment to experiment. BioCision's highly thermo-conductive CoolRack and complementary product lines are used by researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and health care industries worldwide. BioCision was founded in 2007 by a group of scientists, biomedical engineers and drug discovery experts. For more information, visit www.biocision.com.

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CoolCell® Controlled-rate cell freezing equivalent to CRFs

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