July 21, 2008

BioCision Redefines Precision and Convenience in Clinical and Laboratory Sample Cooling

image of coolsystem image of coolsystem

Keeping samples at a precise temperature is critical to success in the lab and clinic. Organizing samples during heating or cooling procedures can be difficult. Losing a sample can cost dearly.

CoolSystem™, BioCision's new line of tube and plate cooling modules now solves those problems, and ensures that each sample is kept at precise temperatures all day.

Organization of dozens of samples with a CoolSystem™ lets you protect and find tubes quickly. The ThermalTray gives a stable, temperature-constant platform for a variety of tube and plate modules that never sinks into the ice. It eliminates floating, lost, or contaminated sample tubes

CoolSystems™ work with any temperature media - Ice, Dry Ice, Water Baths, Heat PLates, Liquid Nitrogen - to keep your samples at controlled, constant temperature all day.


  • All temperature sensitive samples
  • Dry & organized handling of tubes, plates
  • Ideal fr LN2, ice, dry ice, and water baths