July 21, 2008

BioCision Redefines Precision and Convenience in Clinical and Laboratory Sample Cooling

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Keeping samples at a precise temperature is critical to success in the lab and clinic. Organizing samples during heating or cooling procedures can be difficult. Losing a sample can cost dearly.

CoolSystem™, BioCision's new line of tube and plate cooling modules now solves those problems, and ensures that each sample is kept at precise temperatures all day.

Organization of dozens of samples with a CoolSystem™ lets you protect and find tubes quickly. The ThermalTray gives a stable, temperature-constant platform for a variety of tube and plate modules that never sinks into the ice. It eliminates floating, lost, or contaminated sample tubes

CoolSystems™ work with any temperature media - Ice, Dry Ice, Water Baths, Heat PLates, Liquid Nitrogen - to keep your samples at controlled, constant temperature all day.


  • All temperature sensitive samples
  • Dry & organized handling of tubes, plates
  • Ideal fr LN2, ice, dry ice, and water baths


CoolCell® Controlled-rate cell freezing equivalent to CRFs

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BioCision is a life science research and development company that develops products and solutions for process standardization throughout the healthcare industry through the application of advanced thermal regulation principles and technologies. The intuitive design and interconnectivity of BioCision products enables researchers, clinicians and manufacturers to protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive therapeutics, biological samples, and biomaterials. By comprehensively addressing temperature stability, BioCision strives to improve the success of therapeutic discovery and development and enable effective care delivery.

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