April 17, 2012

BioCision Launches New Suite of Accessories for Improved Reproducibility and Efficiency

TruCool Consumable Product Line to Debut at Analytica 2012

LARKSPUR, Calif. – April 17, 2012 – BioCision LLC, a leader in advanced temperature management of biomedical samples, today launched two new products aimed at addressing basic insufficiencies in common lab tools. TruCool cryogenic vials and TruCoolmicrocentrifuge tubes represent the first in a series of consumable product extensions, and will be introduced at the 23rd annual international Analytica conference taking place in Munich, Germany from April 17-20, 2012.


Intended for use with the company’s CoolCell® and CoolRack® product suites, TruCool accessories were developed to solve some of the most common problems scientists face in the laboratory – handling and manipulation of tubes and vials, tube leakage and temperature changes caused by human contact.


“At BioCision, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of researchers by standardizing common sample handling and preservation methods to ensure reliable results,” said Rolf Ehrhardt, CEO, BioCision. “We are excited to be featuring these products at Analytica 2012, one of the largest showcases of state-of-the-art laboratory technology and pioneering biotechnology in the world.”


TruCoolCryogenic Tubes are leak-proof cryogenic tubes that feature a screw cap with a thermally fused gasket to ensure a tight seal. The gasket is a co-molded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) layer that replaces the traditional silicone O-ring and eliminates leaking, slipping and risk of contamination. Additional benefits include:

  • · Printed barcode on each tube for accurate identification and readable by common barcode scanners
  • · Sterile and made of medical-grade polypropylene with a rounded or self-standing bottom
  • · Comes in sizes from 1ml through 5ml with internal- or external-threads
  • · Ideal for use with CoolCell® and CoolRack® CF
  • · Color-coded cap inserts for easy color coding
  • For more on TruCool cryogenic tubes, visit http://www.biocision.com/products/extras/accessories/TruCool


TruCool Ergonomic Microcentrifuge Tubes feature a patented design that offers a unique "pull back" cap that reduces strain on thumb by 40 percent, and prevents thumb contact with tube – minimizing contamination risk. When used in CoolRack® M microfuge tube modules, samples can be opened and closed while seated, minimizing tube handling, temperature fluctuation and risk of contamination.

For more information about TruCoolcryogenic tubes, TruCool ergonomic microcentrifuge tubes or BioCision’s full line of sample standardization products, please visit booth #A3.470 at Analytica 2012.

About BioCision

BioCision’s mission is to standardize pre-analytical sample handling. BioCision develops novel products that eliminate variability in common, often-overlooked, laboratory procedures. The products are marketed globally and are widely used by the leading institutions in the biotech, pharmaceutical, clinical, diagnostic, academic and government scientific community. BioCision’s products include CoolRack®, CoolSink and ThermalTray laboratory tube and plate temperature standardizing modules, CoolBox ice-free benchtop coolers, CoolCell® alcohol-free cell freezing containers and TruCool accessories and consumables.


CoolCell® Controlled-rate cell freezing equivalent to CRFs

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