February 11, 2010

BioCision Lands New Distribution Partner with Biophoretics Deal

MILL VALLEY, Calif. -- BioCision LLC, the CoolRack™ company, announced today that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Biophoretics, a developer and distributor of advanced tools for scientific research. Biophoretics will sell BioCision’s entire line of laboratory tools for standardizing the handling and processing of temperature-sensitive biomedical samples and experiments.

“Biophoretics is a highly selective distributor and we are excited to add this new partnership to our expanding distribution network,” said Michelle Nemits, vice president of sales and business development for BioCision. “Biophoretics’ sales team will bring a highly concentrated and focused approach to our products, which are very complementary to the company’s existing line of high-quality tools.”

“Biophoretics is pleased to represent BioCision and its products, as the company demonstrates the creativity, innovation, and value that fits the BpH model,” stated Gene Stewart, President of Biophoretics. “We are excited to sell BioCision’s high-quality product line through our network of sales representatives.”

Biophoretics creates and distributes advanced tools for life scientists. It represents a number of leading global manufacturers, selling innovative consumables and equipment to academic and bioindustrial accounts throughout the United States. Biophoretics also offers its partners consulting in market development and commercialization.

BioCision is the leading maker of portable benchtop tools for temperature- sensitive biomedical samples and experiments. Its highly thermo-conductive CoolRack enables easy standardization of sample cooling, snap freezing, heating and thawing. Along with CoolRacks, BioCision's portable sample coolers, freezers, and thermally conductive platforms bring portability and all-day temperature control to drug discovery, and basic and clinical research, increasing reproducibility and accuracy in scientific experiments.

Since BioCision’s founding in late 2007, the company has commercialized more than 40 products now adopted by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, contract research organizations, and academic and healthcare institutions worldwide. BioCision’s customers include Amgen Inc., Harvard University, Genentech Inc., Novartis AG, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Medimmune, Merck & Co. Inc., Pfizer Inc., Stanford University, and The Systems Biology Institute, among many others.


BioCision LLC, the CoolRack™ company, is the leading developer of portable benchtop tools for all temperature-sensitive biomedical samples. Its patent-pending products enable researchers to achieve high pre-analytical sample reproducibility and consistency – experiment to experiment, lab to lab and site to site. BioCision's highly thermo-conductive CoolRack and complementary product lines are widely used by researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and health care industries worldwide. BioCision was founded in 2007 by a group of scientists, biomedical engineers and drug discovery experts. For more information, visit www.biocision.com.


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