CoolBox XT

(1) CoolBox™ XT Cooling Core Duration
Coolbox cooling durationCoolbox cooling duration

Performance test: Two CoolBox XT Systems were loaded with XT Cooling Cores that had been stored in a -20°C freezer overnight. Room temperature CoolRack XT M24 modules, were placed on top of each of the XT Cooling Cores and 24 microcentrifuge tubes containing 1.5 ml of room temperature water, were placed in each CoolRack module.

Duration Test 1: after the samples were placed in the CoolRack tube module, the lid of the CoolBox workstation was closed, effectively insulating the samples.

Duration Test 2: the lid of the CoolBox was left open to mimic the bench scientist working with the samples.

In both tests the temperature of the 3 samples in each CoolRack module were monitored and recorded every 0.5 seconds using an Omega data logger.

Conclusion: CoolBox XT Systems can maintain samples at 0.5 to 4°C for over 10 hours with the lid off and for over 16 hours with the lid on.


(2) CoolBox XT Freezing Core Data
coolbox xt, data, freezing

CoolBox 30

(1) CoolBox™ Cartridge Duration

Long-term cooling and freezing with a CoolBox

Performance test: The CoolBox blue cooling cartridge was pre-chilled in a -20°C freezer prior to starting the test. The cartridge was removed from the freezer, placed in the CoolBox and a pre-chilled (4.0°C) CoolRack M30 was placed on it. In the first experiment, the CoolBox lid was left off and in a second experiment, the lid was kept on. This entire set of experiments was repeated with the green freezing cartridge.

Conclusion: BioCision’s CoolBox 30 System can maintain samples at 0.5 – 4°C up to 10 hours with the blue cooling cartridge and <0°C for up to 6 hours with the green freezing cartridge.


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