(1) CoolRack® Reproducibility

Reproducible and consistent temperature control of biological samples.Performance test: A temperature probe was placed into a 2.0 mL cryogenic vial containing 1.0 mL of water. The tube was inserted into a CoolRack CF45 thermo-conductive module. The module was placed onto a ThermalTray platform in a 37°C water bath and allowed to equilibrate. The CoolRack CF45 module was then removed and placed onto dry ice and equilibrated to -78°C (0 - 15 minutes) and then returned to the water bath to re-equilibrate to 37°C (15 - 30 minutes). This experiment was repeated five consecutive times and temperature profiles were recorded.

Conclusion: The CoolRack CF45 module showed identical cooling profiles and phase transition (orange circles) over five consecutive freeze-thaw cycles.

(2) CoolRack® M90 - Cooling Duration in Ice

Performance test: A temperature probe coolsystem thermal diagramwas placed into a 1.5ml conical microfuge tube containing 1ml of water and the tube was inserted into a Biocision CoolRack® M90. The CoolRack M90 was placed either directly onto 1.5kg of crushed ice or onto a ThermalTray HP in a full pan of crushed ice. The CoolRack M90 placed directly on ice maintained a sub-4°C temperature for over 6 hours while the CoolRack M90 on a ThermalTray HP maintained a sub-4°C temperature for over 14 hours.

Conclusion: BioCision’s highly thermo-conductive CoolRack and ThermalTray rapidly equilibrates to melting ice temperature. The cooling duration is a direct function of the ice mass used. The CoolRack and ThermalTray combination will provide a full day of sub-4°C cooling using one pan of ice.

(3) CoolRack® M90 - Cooling Rate in Ice

Tube rack for reproducible sample cooling

Performance test: A temperature probe was used to monitor the top surface of a CoolRack® M90 and a ThermalTray HP placed directly on ice. The ThermalTray was inserted into the ice until the bottom surface of the tray contacted the ice. Both the CoolRack M90 and the ThermalTray show nearly identical cooling profiles and reach sub-4°C temperatures within approximately one minute starting from 25°C. When a CoolRack M90 was placed onto a ThermalTray HP and the assembly was inserted into crushed ice in a similar manner, the top surface of the CoolRack M90 reached sub-4°C temperatures in under six minutes.

Conclusion: Thermo-conductive aluminum alloy CoolRacks and ThermalTrays will achieve rapid temperature equilibrium with any thermal mass. Placed onto ice, Biocision’s CoolRacks and ThermalTrays will reach sub-4°C temperatures within minutes.

(4) CoolRack® M30-PF - Snap-Freezing Rate in Dry Ice

Snap-freezing performance diagram

Performance test: A 1.5ml conical microfuge tube containing 100ul of water at 37°C was cooled in a CoolRack® M-PF at dry ice temperature (green markers). The cooling rate was slightly greater than the same tube placed into a dry-ice isopropanol slurry (yellow markers) and much greater than the same tube placed directly into powdered dry-ice (orange markers). An even faster cooling rate was obtained by placing one drop of isopropanol into the well of the CoolRack M-PF to displace air from any micro gaps (blue markers). All data points are the average of three trials.

Conclusion: M-PF CoolRacks can achieve a snapfreezing rate equal to or greater than direct placement into dry-ice or dry-ice alcohol slurry while avoiding the hazards and inconveniences of standard snap freeze methods. (e.g. lost labels, marker ink removal, dry ice hardening, sample tipping, etc.)

(5) CoolRack® on ThermalTray - Cryogenic Stability in LN2

Cryogenic stability in liquid nitrogen

Performance test: A CoolRack® CF on a ThermalTray LP was placed in a pan containing 5cm of LN2. When the LN2 evaporated to the depth of 0.5cm (52 minutes) it was re-filled to 5cm. The CoolRack CF temperature remained between -139.0°C and -140.2°C during the 115 minute interval for the LN2 to again reach a level of 0.5cm.

Conclusion: A BioCision CoolRack on a ThermalTray LP in liquid nitrogen provides a very stable cryogenic temperature environment for sample tube processing such as snap-freezing, temporary cryogenic temperature holding, and cell vial reorganization.

(6) CoolRack® M30 on ThermalTray - Cooling Duration in Ice

Long-term sample cooling

Performance test: A temperature probe was placed in a 1.5ml conical microfuge tube containing 1ml of water and the tube was inserted into a room temperature BioCision CoolRack® M30. The CoolRack M30 was placed onto a CoolTray™ and the assembly was inserted into a 4 liter round ice bucket filled with crushed ice and 0.5L water. Following the cool-down interval for all components, the tube interior temperature remained below 2°C for over 13 hours.

Conclusion: BioCision's CoolTray in combination with a CoolRack sample holder provides very efficient long-interval sample cooling and organization using only one bucket of ice.

(7) CoolRack® CF - Snap-Freezing Rate on Dry Ice

Snap-freezing on dry ice

Performance test: A temperature probe was positioned in the center of a 1ml external screw cap cryo-vial containing 1ml of water. A BioCision CoolRack® CF directly on dry ice was cooled to below -70°C. The cryo-vial was placed in a dry well in the CoolRack (green marker) or into a well containing 1ml of isopropanol (blue marker) and the probe temperature recorded. The cryo-vial was also placed into a dry-ice and isopropanol slurry to the depth of the screw cap bottom and maintained in a static position using a holding assembly (orange marker). Data are the average of three trials with the height of the curve representing one standard deviation. Direct immersion in a dry-ice ethanol slurry froze samples within 3 minutes. A CoolRack CF on dry ice will freeze 1ml of water within 4 minutes. The sample in a CoolRack CF with 1ml of isopropanol to displace air will freeze within 2 minutes.

Conclusion: The highly thermo-conductive design used in the BioCision CoolRack CF when used with 1ml alcohol will freeze samples faster and with more repeatability than direct immersion in a dry ice alcohol slurry. Samples that do not require maximum freezing rates can be frozen without alcohol within 4 minutes. The CoolRack offers a hands-free, organized, snap freeze system without concern of tipping or solvent induced label loss.

(8) CoolRack® CF - Temperature Stability on Dry Ice

Dry ice temperature performance

Performance test: A temperature probe was inserted into a well in a CoolRack® CF. The assembly was placed directly onto dry ice and temperature recorded for 120 minutes. The CoolRack reached a temperature of -70°C within 10 minutes. It reached a minimum temperature of -70.9°C in 14 minutes and remained constant for the duration of the experiment.

Conclusion: In direct contact with dry-ice, the BioCision CoolRack modules cool rapidly to dry-ice temperature and maintain an extremely stable temperature thereafter.

(9) CoolRack® Passive Cooling and Thawing Profiles

Passive Warming
  • CoolRack® modules, being thermo-conductive, are really designed to be in contact with a temperature source and will indefinitely maintain temperature as long as they are in contact with the source. However, the CoolRack module will passively rise or fall in temperature once removed from the cooling or heating source.

    Download the profiles: Passive Cooling and Thawing Profiles.







    CoolSink Performance Data



    (1) CoolSink® Temperature Distribution

    Microplate Temperature Controller

    Performance test: In experiment A; a multiwell plate was placed directly onto ice and the well temperature recorded. In experiment B; a multiwell plate was placed onto the CoolSink 96F and the well temperature was recorded. The temperatures were grouped into 0.5°C intervals and results shown on the graph makes it easy to compare experiment A to experiment B.

    Conclusion: When using BioCision’s CoolSink thermoconductive plate holder, all wells are brought below < 4°C and temperature is evenly distributed virtually eliminating the "edge" effect.

    Download:CoolSink Temperature Distribution Experiment



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